Brazil Sitio Grota Funda


Cup Profile ~ Straw Berries Cacao Nibs


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Brazil Sitio Grota Funda Natural Process

Natural Process creates a fruity, bold, complex cup profile.

On my requests list was a chocolaty coffee, on a blind cupping this was number eight on the table and the others ticked the smooth creamy box but the Grota Funda jumped out she was another natural . The berry and straw gives her a lovely start with the cacao nibs lingering beautifully to finish.

Location ~ Carmo De Minas, Sul De Minas Gerais

Region ~ Mantiqueira de Minus

Coordinates ~ 22 04′ 41 ” – 45 09′ 01″ w

The farm is approximately 5 km from the village of Carmo De Minas and was acquired by the producer Glaucio Carneiro Pinto in 1992. The coffee is harvested  when the fruit is ripe, its de pulped on the same day then spread out in thin layers on the terraces for drying.Its constantly being turned till it reaches the desirable moisture content , its then stored in wooden bins to rest.

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Additional Information

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