• Certification: Cafes de sustentables Mexico
  • Origin: El Caurenteno
  • Altitude: 1150 m
  • Soil:  Volcanic

Over 250 growers farm 650 ha, all of them grouped under one umbrella organisation called “integradora”. A team of cuppers work closely together with farmers to ensure the very best coffees are kept aside and scored using the SCAA standards.

Each harvest is evaluated and the very best coffees are reserved, across cooperatives; these are most always kept separate and exported with the Terruño Nayarita logo and the name of the cooperative proudly displayed… even if there are only 10 bags in the lot. Every detail of the coffee and farmer is logged in a database giving full traceability from the farm/patio to the actual processing and export of the coffee.

Mexico Terruno Nayarita


Mexico Terruno Nayarita Reserva Micro Lot. Terruno means “from the land”. This coffee is cultivated by a group of co-operative growers located in the west of Tepic, close to the extinct volcano Cerro San Juan.