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Cup Chat Brew

A lovely bunch of Coffee enthusiasts / geeks spent the evening at North Coast Wine Lounge Bude for our second ‘Cup Chat Brew’ . Huddled in collaborative groups we started with Origin , processing, lingering on the Naturals as most of the bunch had been quite appreciative of our offerings this year .We discussed Roasting briefly touching on food science …..

The Film short came next to introduce our first direct source from an Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, an unusual coffee another Natural ! Whose story is intertwined with a fragile ecosystem and endangered giant Bats with wingspans of 2 metres !

Then cupping this unusual coffee , pens and score cards at the ready everyone had a go , bouncing ideas from each other agreeing and disagreeing about the myriad of different flavour/tasting notes.

Brew next , we offered an Ethiopia Gera Natural for everyone to think about how they had cupped the previous coffee to use the same criteria , mouthfeel, acidity , flavour etc.It was great to see how different they described the coffee , they were all so surprised by such diversity .All were also surprised as their brew cooled the changing  flavours that jumped out , a converted bunch to the correct temperature to serve and drink coffee !

We finished off with a chance for all to put on the Barista cap to pull a couple of Espressos , have a go at texturing their milk and pouring a few flatwhites .Followed by a discussion on extraction , grinding and all the variables that can affect your end cup. The Rok manual Espresso was also on offer , all  loved the cool design , its simplicity and the fact you could produce a Espresso with a crema !

The caffeinated evening finished with a refill tin of the Ethiopia Gera Natural for everyone to brew at home .