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The agronomist Guy Carvalho bought Fazenda Paraiso in 1990. Passionate about coffee, Guy Carvalho’s approach is quality driven. In 1996 Fazenda Paraiso participated in Project Gourmet in Brazil, this project was in partnership with OIC to improve quality and introduce the process of Pulped Natural into this farm.

The farm is located in a traditional coffee-growing district of Cabo Verde, in a region that presents ideal conditions for coffee production, such as an average altitude of 950 meters (3,100 feet) and a climate with well-defi ned seasons, low humidity and favorable temperatures. The farm has drying patios and produces both natural (dry-processed) and pulped natural coffee, using modern processing equipment including a washer and a pulper, and a mechanical mucilage remover that is used to produce pulped natural coffees during periods of excessive rain.

Fazenda Paraiso is committed to the production of coffee on a socially and environmentally sustainable basis. Guy, an agronomist by trade, is very involved in this project to maintain the environment and to produce coffee in a sustainable manner.

In order to promote a safe working environment, all workers are required to wear individual protection equipment and to participate in regular training courses under the guidance of a work safety engineer.

Country | Brazil

Estate | Fezenda Paraiso

Varietal | Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai

Owner | Guy Carvalho

Town | Cabo Verde

Region | South of Minas Gerais

Process | Pulped Natural and Natural

Annual production | 3,500 bags

Altitude | 900 – 1100 masl


Country | Brazil

Region | South of Minas Gerais

Town | Cabo Verde Estate Fazenda Palmital

Owner | Carlos Augusto R. de Melo

Harvest | May to August

Process | Pulped Natural and Natural

Varietal | Catuai and mundo novo

Altitude | 950 – 1150 masl

Fazenda Palmital, in the mountains of the Serra So Pau S’Alho in the district of Cabo Verde, southern Minas Gerais, was purchased in the 1920s by Joaquim Sebastião de Souza, the current owner’s grandfather. Over the years, Fazenda Palmital has built a tradition of producing top quality coffee in a sustainable way.

In 1950 the farm’s management passed to Augusto de Melo Souza’s Hands. In the 1970s his wife and son started to take care of the property and the family’s offspring is getting ready to do it so ,as he’s studying agriculture. Their dedication to the plantation and natural aptitude to it led the average annual production to rise from 2,00 to 6,500 bags of 60kg.

All workers have full legal benefits. The farm also provides employees and their families with free transportation to primary and secondary schools and medical care in Cabo Verde. Currently, 36 families live on the farm in houses equipped with running water, sanitation and electricity, as they should.

The temporary workers (around 150 people), during the peak of the harvest, stay in houses with good quality installation with a full range of services. The use of personal protection equipment is mandatory.

The farm preserves native vegetation and wildlife in over 150 acres of forest and protected areas where water springs, streams and rivers can be found.

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