CUP a coffee , CHAT about sourcing & roasting , BREW a chance to pull an espresso & pour some beautiful flatwhites….. Christmas Gift options available !

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Immerse yourself in coffee …………

Whether you have a one-to- one or group ticket  , this 3 hour coffee experience is broken into 3 parts.

C U P  = A way of assessing and analysing a coffees taste , mouthfeel , acidity etc. A really useful way of sitting often the same bean / origin / farm/ processing method side by side. Each coffee is approached by the same protocols, its a great tool for a roaster choosing samples and constant cupping of your roast list ensures quality & consistency .

C H A T =  In the Roastery , covering coffee sourcing , our approach to roasting , a little basic agronomy.

B R E W = Your chance to get behind an espresso machine , pull some shots and get to the know the basic variables. Broken into three parts, grinder , extraction , milk.

T I N of beans to take home, refreshments ( coffee drinking inevitable ) & cake will be consumed

Maximum of six in the group tickets

Purchase Option

G I F T – If your treating someone fabulous then please add their address in the notes section and we will send them a physical gift voucher .

N O T a Gift? – If you’re treating yourself to an amazing coffee experience they you will receive a voucher via email within 24hrs of purchase!

I F you have a group booking enquiry please ping us an email to or give us a call


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Additional Information

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One-To-One, Group


March 30th 2pm – 5pm, Book With Us Direct,


This is a gift!, No, it’s for me!