Ethiopia Bale Mountain Washed


Cup Profile   | Lime ,  Jasmine , Green Tea

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Ethiopia Bale Mountain Washed

Bale Mountain Farm is located in Arsi, Bale Mountains belt. This region forms the SE of the Ethiopian Highlands > 3000masl. The farm itself is located at 1,800-2,100masl and employs ~ 350 staff at the Dry Mill and nearby Solena Washing Station. It is in an idyllic location, extremely hard to reach by road and surrounded by two large rivers that flow to the Wabe Shebelle River and Forest Mountains. The coffee collected from the farm is notably dense and uniform, consistently delivering a high quality cup profile. Bale Mountain farm is also engaged in social responsibility activities like local road construction, nursery establishment and free distribution of coffee seedlings, school building and financial support during the off season. Kerchanshe helps the Bale mountain farm communities to be a productive and positive place to live and work.

Origin   | Ethiopia

Crop Year  | 2021

Region  | Oromia, West Arsi

Washing Station  | Solena

Process  | Washed

Variety   | Heirloom

Grade   | 1

Bags   | 60kg GrainPro

Altitude   | 1,800 – 2,100 masl

Soil   | Forest, Red Clay

This is our second coffee from Israel Degfa and Kerchanshe. Israel is one of Kamba’s ( our coffee source at farm level ) shareholders and the owner of the Ethiopian export company, Kerchanshe. The term ‘vertical integration’ is one that is used a lot in specialty coffee, but our sourcing strategy in Ethiopia is exactly that. As well as his stake in Kamba and ownership of Kerchanshe, Israel and his team also own a variety of mills, washing stations and private farms across the coffee producing regions of Ethiopia. Ultimately, the money that these coffees are sold for by Kamba at the end of the chain, goes in part back to Israel and is reinvested in the Ethiopian coffee community. The work of Kerchanshe stretches far beyond coffee, too. Israel has set up the Buna Qala Charity and a Smallholder Membership scheme that reinvests profits back into community projects and healthcare, education, agricultural and financial incentives.

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Additional Information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20 cm
Beans or Ground

Coffee Beans, Espresso, Filter, French Press

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