Guatemala Los Tarrales Caturra Natural (Zachs Coffee)


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Guatemala Los Tarrales Caturra Natural

T A L E S     O F      D I R E C T     T R A D E
Beginning of this year, which now seems a distant memory a coffee farmer reached out to us …..A couple of insta dms …….Chatting about coffee …..Where he grows etc…..I asked lots of stupid questions probably ! The struggling coffee producers in his growing region …..Starbucks pressure on lowering prices ( funny that as a flat white if I remember is up there on cost )
4 green coffee samples were promptly delivered 2 x washed 1 x Honey 1 x Natural ( this is his first small lot processing like this , can easily go wrong )…..So roasted …..Cupped and brewed ♡
The Geisha washed R E A L L Y stood out ….Really complex , floral & citrusy. The Caturra Natural also was very beautiful……We ♡ the Naturals !
And so with a few scary direct trade stories ignored ( spiders were involved ) And our last time did involve pirates…..We placed small order , Zach the producer was fantastic regularly sending me voice clips amongst the coffee …..Super helpful , especially with paperwork ……And the cherry on the cake , our L O G O on his sack . Which was great since it was such a small order , we are even on his wall .


Los Tarrales Natural Reserve is an award winning farm for their conservation efforts of forests and wildlife as well as their amazing coffee.

Owned by the Burge since 1940, Los Tarrales has been a haven for endangered species of animals which is why it is one of the preferred spots in Guatemala to see more than 360 species of birds.
All of the coffee is shaded and grown with an emphasis on biodiversity making sure to reduce the amount of unnecessary chemicals used.
Located at the base of Atitlan Volcano, Los Tarrales Natural Reserve has been known for its coffee growing and conservation efforts since it was purchased by the Burge family from Virgina, USA in 1940. With a production of more than 2,000,000 pounds of ripe coffee produced a year, Los Tarrales is able to provide jobs to hundreds of people all while protecting the abundant wildlife and 2,800 acres under it’s care.

Los Tarrales reserve ranges from the lowlands at 750 m elevation to the top of the volcano at 3500 m, providing different bird habitats. More than 350 bird species have been recorded in Los Tarrales. The preserve is part of the Atitlán Important Bird Area (IBA GT015), designated by BirdLife International.

The entire altitudinal range is accessible on trails of different difficulty, from easy to walk to very tough hikes. Los Tarrales  lodge is located at 750 m and surrounded by the small village, the coffee processing plant, coffee and ornamental flower plantations, and secondary growth. Several Cinnamon Hummingbirds defend their territories around the lodge and flocks of Pacific, Orange-fronted, and Orange-chinned Parakeet do often rest in nearby trees. White-bellied Chachalacas are often seen in secondary scrub.

Finca Los Tarrales Patulul, Suchitepéquez, Guatemala

Varietal | Red Caturra

Process | Natural

Elevation | 1400-1600 MASL

Drying Method | African Raised bed with shade cloth applied during hottest times of the day.

Drying time | 25 days.

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