Kenya Kiamabara


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Kenya Kiamabara

Location | Located in Nyeri Central district, Mathira Division, Konyu Location about 190 Km North of Nairobi, near the Aberdare forest/National Park, further overlooking the famous Elephant migration route that connects Aberdare & Mt Kenya Forest.

Size of the Farm: | 272 Ha

Area under coffee | 218.12 Ha. Average number of coffee trees per farmer is about 300 on 0.5 acres to a maximum of 3 acres

Variety of coffee grown| SL 28 and SL 34

Climate | Rainfall about 900-1100 mm annually

Soil type | Red volcanic with some patches of loam soils.

Preparation & Drying process | Wet mill pulping, natural fermentation and sun drying on tables.

Altitude | About 1,850m above sea level

Harvest time | April-September (Early Crop) October-December (Main Crop)

Production | About 170 – 190 Metric tons of clean coffee

Trees grown | Gravellier trees and indigenous trees

Welfare | There is credit facility given to the farmers for school fees, farm inputs and other emergencies

Packing | 60kg per bag

Wild Life & Game Animals | Wild animals such as Buffaloes, Elephants, Antelopes, Monkeys and many others, often get their way into the factory grassland to graze while others like chewing sweet coffee red berries.

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Additional Information

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