Patricia’s Brazil Fazenda Santo Antonio Acaia Natural


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Patricia’s Brazil Fazenda Santo Antonio Acaia Natural

This is the second time we have sourced some of Patricia’s beans , so its great to be roasting some of her coffee again. From her two farms there were four lots up for grabs and the Acaia was a universal YES from team Sabin !

Patricia Coelho is a small farmer located at Mogiana, in the city of Espirito Santo do Pinhal. She is taking over the family business now and is facing the challenges that most women do when taking a lead position in Latin America. Not only a producer of great coffees, Patricia’s personal friend Bruna is the general manager at Kamba coffee who comes from the third generation of a Brazilian coffee producing family. The friendship is important because working together helping Patricia get started in the specialty industry. This is the second year Kamba are working with her sourcing four different lots from Patricia’s two farms.

Interviewees Patricia & Mauricio Coelho answering a few questions from Kamba Coffee ( who source coffee from countries where they have farm level involvement , Kamba is Swahili for rope ……So a link from production to us the roaster & the consumer )

Background: Patricia and Mauricio are married for over 20 years and each of them are highly involved with the coffee industry as they both grew up in coffee towns. Patricia is a producer who is now involved with taking care of her family’s two farms and Mauricio is the commercial manager at Costa Café, Kamba’s main Brazilian coffee exporting partner.

What defines the Mogiana region for you?

Mogiana is recognized by the remarkable sweetness and body of its coffees, which pleases most consumers. In our opinion, Mogiana’s particularity is that it is located on the border of the states of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais, which enables for a huge diversity in coffee and farm profiles, from floral and delicate to high acidity and full body. What defines Mogiana coffees in general though is balance.

For you to have an idea from Patricia’s Santo Antonio farm you can basically walk from one state to the other and the diverse altitude of the farm ranging from 900 to 1200 mts also enables her to produce different profiles and varieties. We also like that Mogiana has mostly small and medium producers and a really rich tradition for coffee, most people rely on the coffee industry somehow to survive and cities have coffee in its history.

What do you expect for the 20/21 crop?

We expect it to be a record crop in terms of quality and productivity, mainly due to perfect weather during the flowering and growing season, but we have to be careful when making such a statement as we have to observe rain patterns during harvest, which could undermine all the great weather conditions so far. To much rain during harvesting season can be devastating.

Producer | Patricia Coelho

Country | Brazil

Region | Mogiana

Farm | Santo Antonio

Bag | 60kg Grainpro

Screen | 16 up

Process | Natural

Altitude | 1200 / 1400 masl

Variety | Acaia

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Additional Information

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