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Rwanda Liza 36 Hour Dry Ferment Washed


Cup Profile – Orange | Black Tea | Raisin

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Rwanda Liza 36 Hour Dry Ferment Washed

This is a bespoke micro lot of just 10 / 30 kg Boxes, so in total only 300 kg available ! Processed at the Liza washing station owned by 4th generation  coffee farmer Jean Paul. He has passionately nurtured over two thousand trees and perfected the art of production in his region. Since taking over he has built a cupping lab in the pursuit of achieving exceptional coffee and he works alongside 500 local coffee farmers .This is our 1st time roasting a coffee of this process , after pulping ( the removal of the outer skin) the bean is left with a sticky fruit mucilage. Instead adding water at this point  ( wet ferment) the beans are left exposed to more oxygen 36 hours to allow enzymes to naturally break down the sticky fruit residue. After this the coffee is washed to remove the mucilage, this process produces a more complex , sweeter coffee .

Origin | Rwanda , Lake Kivu

Washing Station | Liza

Process | 36 hour dry ferment / washed

Variety | Red Bourbon

Altitude | 1800 / 2000 masl

Soil | Volcanic

Harvest | Feb / June

Bag | 30 kg Vacpac

SCA Score | 87

This is the 2nd offering from Rwanda ……

We also have a natural from the Bwishaza washing station from North of Kibuye Lake Kivu.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20 cm
Beans or Ground

Coffee Beans, Espresso, Filter, French Press

Bag Size

250g, 500g