Rwanda Liza Anaerobic Washed


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Rwanda Liza Anaerobic Washed

We have had been super lucky to roast three coffees from this co op last year a Natural , Bwishwaza , Liza 36 hour dry ferment washed and Lot RWA Natural . ALL have been standout exceptional coffees ! Our first new coffee of 2024 from the co op is an anaerobic…..Upon delivery to the washing station, coffee cherries are floated to wash them as well as remove any defects, since underripe cherries will float to the water surface where they can be taken out. After this, the cherries are placed into sacks, which are then sealed so that no air can get in and left in a cool, shaded spot for 48 hours. Next the coffee is removed for pulping and washing as usual, but not all the mucilage is discarded. The coffee and mucilage is placed back into sealed sacks for another 48 hours of fermentation. Once that time is up, the coffee is fully washed before being shade dried for a day. Finally the beans are spread out onto raised beds to dry in the sun.

Liza Washing Station is a larger co-operative of 500 members and the majority are small hold farmers. They process coffee using the same traditional washed method used by most washing stations in Rwanda. Liza washing station does not yet use grading channel so additional, careful hand sorting is done to remove under and overripe beans.

Passionate 4th generation coffee farmer Jean Paul owns Liza washing station in addition to his plantation of several thousand coffee trees. He also works with several hundred local coffee farmers who harvest and deliver their coffee to his washing station. He has his own cupping lab at home and is committed to producing high scoring coffees

  • Country |  Rwanda
  • Region |  Giheke
  • Varietal |  Red Bourbon
  • Processing Partner |  Liza Washing Station
  • Process |  Anaerobic washed
  • Unit Type|   30 kg Vac Pac
  • MASL |  16600 / 2000
  • Soil Type | Volcanic
  • Number of farms per lot | 500
  • Average farm Size|   3 Acres



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Additional Information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20 cm
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Coffee Beans, Espresso, Filter, French Press

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