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Brazil Strawbs Paraiso Farm Anaerobic Natural


Cup Profile – Strawberries & Cream

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Jorge Barakat became a coffee grower by chance more than 30 years ago. Despite the great challenges in his first harvest, he has already reached excellent quality standards. Over the years, he overcame the challenges of climate, water shortages and found his own way of producing what he calls dense coffees. This requires specific care, since the space between the coffee feet is smaller. Throughout his three decades of experience, the coffee grower has been learning about quality processing and seeking increasingly special experimental lots, such as this incredible anaerobic one.

Cerrado is an agricultural region with a lot of attitude and innovation. Aiming to empower producers and increase coffee quality and consistency together, always looking for differentiation in every aspect, from genetics and technology to a decrease in the use of pesticides and non-organic products. Cerrado has gained international recognition due to its diversity of terroirs and the entrepreneurial spirit of producers.

| Anaerobic |

Anaerobic process refers to a fermentation with limited oxygen. Examples are: coffee fermented in air-tight tanks, barrels, or bags. It means producers created a sealed environment to process a coffee. It allows greater control over the fermentation process as the diversity of microorganisms is limited.

The fermentation of coffee cherries is spontaneous and involves a variety of microorganisms. Underfermentation interferes with the normal drying process, while overfermentation results in adverse changes that affect the flavour and aroma. During the fermentation process cherries are stirred occasionally, and every so often a bunch of them should be washed in water and tested. If the mucilage can be washed off and the beans feel gritty rather than slippery, they should be ready.

The main risk for producers is that anaerobic fermentation processes can result in off flavours in a coffee, creating defect flavours and ultimately ruin the lot. However, when processed correctly, these coffees cup outstanding – with clean, fruity and beloved cinnamon notes.

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Country | Brazil

Region |  Cerrado

Farm |  Paraisio

Variety | Yellow Bourbon

Processing | Natural  Anaerobic

Bags | Micro – lot of 83 60kg bags

Altitude | 970 mtasl

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20 cm
Bag Size

250g, 500g

Beans or Ground

Beans, Espresso, Filter, French Press