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Uganda Bukonzo Dream Lot 8 Natural


Cupping Notes – Tropical | Pineapple | Mango | Blueberries

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Uganda Bukonzo Dream Lot 8 Natural

The name ‘Bukonzo Dream’ originates from the Bukonzo tribe of Uganda. They are brave, friendly and welcoming people who dream of being able to provide better opportunities for each generation. The farmers have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and given the opportunity of producing a harvest which will give them a greater yield and ultimately a better return, they are willing to go extra lengths to ensure a fantastic crop.

Interview with Baluku Yonasani (1st image)

‘My name is Baluku Yonasani, I am a model farmer and I coordinate the farmers in this area. I have 7 children. Coffee is the main cash crop but we also grow crops like matoke, beans, sweet potato, cassava, nuts, and some mangos and vanilla, we grow many crops.’

‘I welcome Agri Evolve. We learned that coffee is ripe when it is red and red cherries bring a higher price, so farmers are now happy because they get high prices. The other thing I have learned is that we have to keep our gardens clean. We have to keep our soil clean so chemicals cannot drain our soil.’

‘During my training, I tasted coffee for the first time and I understand now what good coffee tastes like.’

‘We have some diseases which are declining our quantity. So our yield is less than we expected. We have to wait for our field officers to advise us. Treatment of diseases is something we cannot solve ourselves, we can dig trances and prune, but the treatment of diseases is too difficult.’

‘The partnership is good for many people, also for the ones who are not in our system, because also other buyers now pay a higher price.’

‘In my leisure time, I join my friends and we sit and converse and joke. We take some little beer and some sodas, we have a good time. We do not have a beach to go 🙂 .’

Working with processing partner Agri Evolve, a Social Enterprise, enables farmers to improve the quality of the coffee being produced and increase the yield potential resulting in an increase of income and profitability. Find out more here!

  • Process | Natural
  • Processing Partner | Agri Evolve
  • Region | Rwenzori Mountains
  • MASL | 1800 – 2000

Pictured (Left to Right) | Baluku Yonasani (Model Farmer) | Elizabeth Mikanyu (Team Leader) | Baluku Stella | Muhindo Raise (Storekeeper) | Alice Bira (Field Officer)


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Additional Information

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